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The Tech Handyman is a local, UWF Alumni-owned tech repair shop specializing in Apple product repair. Owned and operated by Ryan Galvan, The Tech Handyman provides quick, reliable phone and computer repair with friendly customer service and the best prices in town.

What year did you start The Tech Handyman?

“We started in 2011, so in September we’ll have been open for six years.”

What motivated you to start your business?

“The truth is I couldn’t find a job. I had a degree in construction engineering but I found myself stuck working on a boat. But I was really good at fixing Macs. There wasn’t really anyone out there, besides the Apple store, who repairs Apple products. So I figured why not start my own company that specializes in fixing Apple products and see where it goes. Like many companies, I started in my own home. Then the business grew and now I’m here [in our own building]. We’re not huge but its better than working out of a living room.”

What was the toughest thing you experienced when opening The Tech Handyman?

“I had a partnership when I started, and having to make decisions and then running them by someone else was tough. My partner was my best friend at the time, and it worked out, but I couldn’t make executive decisions. That was difficult because I couldn’t take the business in the direction I wanted to.”

How important have good employees been to the success of your company?

“Good employees are fine, but its having bad employees that’s the worst. Good employees are fairly easy to come across, great employees are rare, but its harder to deal with a bad employee. Employees obviously make this business run, and when I find good ones, which almost all of mine are, it makes a significant difference. That’s why I think we are very good at what we do – its the great employees. Anyone can repair a phone but you have to treat people a certain way, and everyone who I hire has the ability to treat customers the way I want them to.”

If you could start over from Day One, what would you have done differently?

“Oh man, so many things. I wouldn’t have had a partner. I wouldn’t have had a business where I had to sell things, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the Department of Revenue, because that’s the worst. But most of all, its the people I interacted with that, if could go back, I wouldn’t have done deals with.

Now something I did right, and that I tell anyone who asks about starting a business, is getting a business phone number. A lot of people make the mistake of starting out using their own personal phone number. But down the road it’s very difficult to separate the two. Seems minor, but its huge.”

What is the most difficult part about having a phone and computer repair business in 2017?

“The most difficult thing we have to deal with is finding good, reliable parts. In my opinion, I think we do excellent work, we’re very careful, we check everything before and after we repair something, but its still tough finding good, reliable parts. But this is why we have a warranty. Also dealing with Apple is tough. If they could have it their way, we wouldn’t exist. But people are still going to break their phones and Apple wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand for repairs.”

The Tech Handyman Pensacola, FL

The Tech Handyman Repair Shop


If a customer had to choose between your business and three others just like yours, why would you suggest they try you first?

“That’s easy. Really it’s our customer service. Sounds cliche, but although we many not have the cheapest prices in town, our customer service is outstanding. Ask any of our customers why they came here and they’ll tell you it starts with when they made the phone call; we’re polite, courteous and won’t ever make it seem as if we’re too busy to help you. They come in, we address their concerns and tell them when the repair will be done.

Let’s be honest, anyone can repair a phone. There’s tons of shops that do what we do. But when customers walk out of our shop happy with not only a repaired phone, but an experience worth telling others about, that’s what makes the difference.”

Excluding your company, what business or company do you admire?

“Well we specialize in Apple products, so it’d be strange for me to say anything but Apple. What’s funny is that while Apple is my most admired company, it’s secretly my most hated company at the same time. I love what they do and the products they make, but how they run the company – it’s just all or nothing.”

What do you do in your off time?

“I was recently married so I hang out with my wife – she’s pretty awesome. When we can, we take our boat out on the weekends and hang out with friends. I’m a big tech nerd so I play video games with my buddies every Tuesday night. I’m kind of a homebody but I try to get out every once in a while.”

Who’s been your greatest inspiration?

“My parents. Although I didn’t start my business because of them, they were small business owners my entire life, so perhaps subconsciously I thought that’s what I ought to do as well. My parents have been awesome and have helped me steer the company to where it is now. They’ve given me the insight where I’ve lacked experience, and whether or not I look up to them, they’ve been a huge help.”

Its easy to see why The Tech Handyman has an exceptional reputation – Ryan practices what he preaches and trains his technicians to do the same. His company is proof that good customer service goes a long way and that you get what you pay for.

In addition to repairing phones and computers, The Tech Handyman offers one of Pensacola’s only Apple Buy-Back program where they’ll offer you cash for any Apple product, even if the screen is cracked.

The Tech Handyman

6224 N 9th Ave #6 Pensacola, FL 32504

(850) 723-8324

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