OptiHealth is Doing Weight Loss Differently

Founded in 2016, OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center is one of the newest weight loss clinics in Pensacola, Florida. The success of OptiHealth lies in their approach to overall well-being for their clients. The all-natural supplements, resources and support they provide help their clients not only lose weight, but keep it off.

We interviewed the cofounder of OptiHealth, Dan Vega, who explained how this business came to be, why its tough to run a weight loss clinic in 2017 and how they do weight loss differently than most programs out there.

What was it that motivated you to start OptiHealth?

“I try to invest in things that are part of my passion and life plan, and I came to this realization that I really needed to start focusing on my health and taking some time for my well-being. So I thought that if I got into this business, it would force me to “toe the mark,” so to speak. I also have a lot of friends who are doctors and nutritionists who’ve rubbed off on me.”

What was the toughest part of opening OptiHealth?

“Creating an all-natural product line and effective program that could deliver the results that people are really wanting. There’s a lot of quick fixes when it comes to health, nutrition and dieting, but most of those things are not sustainable long-term. Anybody can eat 500 calories for six or eight weeks, but no one can live on that. So once you get off of these crash course programs, most people revert back to their starting point, or even worse. We wanted to create a full nutrition line and weight loss formula that really deliver amazing results but was all-natural. We also wanted to create a program that people could live on, and that’s what I think we’ve accomplished.”

How important have good employees been to your success?

“Really important. In this industry, its about working with people that have some measure of success already. In some industries you can hire someone with limited skillsets and develop them. Because this isn’t my primary field, it required us to go out and find the best and make sure the team we assembled meshed together well. But we found great people and we’ve been very fortunate that its worked. Above everything else, even above your product or your service, what makes a business or breaks a business, is putting the right systems in place and that’s one thing I think we excel at.”

Would you have done anything different from Day One?

“I probably would have taken my time and maybe opened a little later. I do feel like we were trying to make the deadline for New Years, in a race to open up before the first of the year, and that was good in a way, but I think the stress that that brought was pretty intense and there was a lot of work. Although we look back now and think everything was great and it all worked out, at the time, it probably would have benefitted us to take a little more time to plan.”

What’s the most difficult part about having a weight loss clinic in 2017?

“This field is one of those things that is largely an emotional problem, not just a physical one. So if someone is carrying excess weight, it’s generally because it’s a reaction to another problem. Often that problem is emotional and so we do have to really take time to talk and counsel with clients and try to identify the real problem, not just the things they’re currently dealing with. That’s been pretty interesting to uncover and learn. When we can really get through to somebody emotionally, then we address the physicality and make change. Just diet and exercise alone doesn’t work unless your perspective is shifted.”

If someone were to choose between OptiHealth and two other weight loss clinics just like yours, why would suggest they give you a try first?

“One reason is our proven, high-quality program and the all-natural supplement line we have. What’s even better is we have support like no one else. We have daily text support, motivation and encouragement. Our clients come in for weekly checkups and we host weekly education classes where you’ll hear from doctors, nutritionists, trainers and other health professionals. We’re helping people get the education they need to have a long-term lifestyle change to not just lose weight, but to be healthy. We even have monthly outings where we all get together, so its really become more than just a business – it’s become a culture.”

About OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center

OptiHealth Weight Loss and Wellness Center

OptiHealth is more than just another weight loss program and wellness clinic – it’s a new way of living a healthy life. Clients get the proper nutrition, customized meal plan, weekly checkups and daily support needed to not only lose weight, but keep it off. The OptiHealth program doesn’t just help you lose weight, it will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

OPTIHealth Weightloss and Wellness Center

236 W Garden St #4 Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 696-7957


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