Murble Game, The Easy Version of Horseshoes

Murray Kramer is the inventor of Murbles, a fun outdoor game for all ages. This game requires no sharpened skill or ability and can be played at the beach, on a campground or in your own backyard. Murray initially created the game for his own enjoyment but eventually the became popular along the Gulf Coast and all over the world. Here Murray shares how it all started and explains how the game is played.

Tell me about the inception of the game. How did Murbles come to be?

“Well I made the game in 1979 when I was in college up in Michigan. From there I’ve played it all over the world. I really didn’t do anything with it, as far as marketing goes, until the last few years. The original Murbles were made out of aluminum, and they’re pretty heavy, so I wanted to make the balls lighter so anyone of any age could play the game.”

That was the concept of the game, right? You wanted to create a game that required no special skills that anyone could play.

“Yeah, exactly. I wanted a game where you didn’t have to be tall or fast to play. I just wanted people to be able to get out there and play the game. My daughter is eight years old, my mother is 82 and they both love the game.”

Murble Game

How did you come up with the name?

“I combined my name, Murray, with “marbles” – you put them together and you get Murbles, Murray’s marbles. Obviously, these are bigger than normal marbles. They come in various colors, or you can customize them. The game is similar, in a way, to horseshoes, but it’s not as dangerous and the balls aren’t as heavy as an iron horseshoe. Plus, you can play on any terrain. In fact, you use the terrain in the game – tree roots, hills, sand, grass. You can play it on the grass, on the beach or just about anywhere.


Describe how the game is played.

The game begins when the Murbles are still in the bag. When you dump the Murbles onto the ground, it determines who will start the game. For example, let’s say we’re using the standard red, white and blue set – you call blue and I call red. When we dump them out and the point ball, the white one, is near the blue Murbles, you get to start the game and throw the point ball wherever you wish.

Once the point ball is thrown out, you have to remain in your relative positions. Since you went first and threw the point ball, I would throw my ball first and get it as close as I can to the point ball. Then we alternate turns until all the balls are gone, walk up to the balls and whoever is closest to the point ball gets points.

Now only 2-4 players can play, and only the person who has their ball closest to the point ball will be the one who gets points for that particular set. Only one player or team can earn points at a time.

Murble Game

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